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The Garage Combat Club offers a high-quality mix of martial arts to all its members. Sessions are conducted by certified professionals and take place in a family oriented atmosphere with mutual respect and consideration shown to all.

If you train with us, your membership includes training sessions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), classical boxing, Thai Boxing, Functional Movement and Combat Defense. Basic and advanced techniques are demonstrated and practiced, topped off with body conditioning which will improve your overall fitness.

No matter the reason you have for choosing to train at the Garage Combat Club we promise to help improve your coordination, fitness level and increase your physical and mental well-being. Perhaps you are interested in martial arts and learning its vast diversity, maybe you need to find a balance to your hectic work schedule, or it might just be that you want to get in shape! No matter your reason, we support it.

We do not judge our members regardless of their age, previous experience or physical condition(s). It’s totally irrelevant! Our coaches do take into account the different performance levels of all members and help everyone from beginner to advanced achieve their goals. We,as Garage Combat Club, also promote our more advanced learners to pay close attention to the less experienced members, and pass on their own knowledge through helpful tips and tricks.


GYM 1030