Athlete of the month Andreas Draxl

Our athlete for the month of April: Andreas Draxl! At least 3 times per week, this 40-year-old + athlete is on the mat training BJJ. His determination and overall fitness make for a true role model for all members of the gym. If someone were to say that being 40 means you are too old, or that it’s too late to learn a new hobby then Andreas is here to prove you wrong. He is in better form than most teenagers! As a small token of appreciation for his motivation and hard work he was rewarded a Garage Combat rash guard by head coach Antonio Stanic.


Age: 40+

Occupation: Firefighter

Training: 20 + years

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Since October 2017

Quote from his coach: “Andreas is a top sportsman. Always motivated, always accurate, a real role model, especially for the younger athletes”