A strong weekend for our fighter’s at fight night.

The super busy Fight Card had a lot to offer. It was well delivered as two of our fighters nailed it. Ashraf defeated his opponent Hüseyn. Originally, he was supposed to compete against Ruta Costel but he canceled last minute due to an injury. Much respect given to Hüseyn who put out a strong performance.

Marlene did a fantastic job securing her fight against Katja Vukovic from Croatia. Katja started out powerful, but Marlene stuck with it and conserved her energy. This proved to be a good move as she had enough power remaining in her to win in the last round.

The hardest and best fight of the night was Ruslan and Angelo in the final K1 4-man tournament.

Overall it was a great event and fun to watch. Kudos to the organizers Will Ott and Michelle who put a lot of effort into making the event happen. The Garage Combat Team will be back for sure!